Sheet metal working machines

for demanding professional use


Folding machine HK MINIVAR

This machine has only 9 position automatic angle programming, but no back stop and table.
Open hem pressing.
Manual and automatic mode.


Technical specification:

Sheet length 2 000 - 12 000 mm
Sheet thickness (EN10130) 0,4 – 4,0 mm
Folding angle 0 - 135°
Upper beam stroke 0 – 140 mm
Working height 1 000 mm
Folding speed (limited) 40° / s
Hydraulic pressure 180 bar


  • Automatic and Manual modes
  • Profile information entered by number of step and angle
  • In Manual mode upper tool and bending beam can be controlled using joysticks on the panel
  • Service mode

Safety equipment

  • Emergency stop switches
  • Emergency stop cable along the machine
  • Duty disable switch
  • Area protection fences

Extra equipment

Automatic or manual cutter.
Roll support for cutted strips:

Roll forming unit:

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